Alison Davis

Alison & Adrian operate a holistic approach to financial planning so if you find yourself asking yourself one of these questions or pondering on the subjects get in touch and we can review your circumstances to see if there are better solutions….

Advice needed Are you?

  • Running your own business?
  • Is your family protected in terms of your health, death and income?
  • Is your business protected?
  • Are you extracting the value from your business to support your future?
  • Are your savings working hard enough for you?
  • Do your investments require a review?
  • Have you received an inheritance?
  • Are your finances tax efficient?
  • Do you have concerns over inheritance tax?

“Following the Maxwell scandal in my early 20s, I distrusted Pensions and wilfully ignored them. My parents belief was that Financial Advisors played with your own money at your expense but I did use one to set up the correct insurances when my children were born. My first meeting with Alison was in my early 40s, on company time and I went purely to confirm that my parents were right.

How wrong I was!

Alison is a very good listener and a very diligent worker for me, always completing each action that comes out of our review meetings. She is naturally able to listen without judgement to beliefs, views and life updates, collaboratively extract financial aspirations and then set up financial vehicles to achieve them. Whether discussing tax-efficient savings or for-fun investments, Alison always gives control to me, whilst ensuring that I understand a product and it’s associated risk.

I was handed a settlement agreement out-of-the-blue at 53, after a successful career in electronics and I was amazed to calculate that I could actually retire! So now I am running my own business doing what I want to do, just because I can.

There is absolutely no way I would be in this position without the professional work and guidance of my financial advisor and true friend, Alison Davis.

I have worked in Financial Services for my entire career. As an experienced Chartered Financial Planner I work with individuals and companies to achieve their financial goals.

I have developed a personal style that is all about working with clients as closely as possible, achieving their objectives through a prudent financial planning approach.

I am an active member of the Bath Business Club and Women mean Biz networking groups, and works alongside local accountants and solicitors to ensure a fully holistic approach to goal based financial planning.

Outside of work I have played hockey since the age of 11 and love to keep fit. As a mother of two young children I spend most of my free time trying to keep up with them!

Please email or call Alison (07496 689 309) or Adrian (07725 343 815) for a no obligation review of your circumstances.

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