Financial Planning Services

The details contained in this section will hopefully allow you to explore areas of advice that you may require and situations that you may face where planning may help you.

The key services on offer are the opportunities to engage with us as a Chartered Financial Planner and Independent Financial Adviser, and to see if financial planningmay help you in your current circumstances.

The usual format for planning is a face to face meeting although this can be done via skype/facetime if logistics make this a better option.

The typical sequence of meetings in the process are as follows:

This initial meeting is complimentary. It requires an open conversation on both sides to evaluate whether we can work together for the benefit of your financial future.

Engagement letter

Following a typical discovery meeting a summary engagement letter is sent out via post or email dependent on preference. This will confirm my understanding of your circumstances and the accuracy of how they have been recorded. The areas of review that may be beneficial to undertake will be outlined, along with the services available to you and an outline of the potential costs.

This is the meeting where the goals are established. This is the essential part of the process where the foundations of the Life Plan are captured and agreed, and the details of any existing plans and contracts are understood. It is critical that information is shared openly at this point to ensure that any planning is effective.

The accuracy and current position of any existing plans needs to be validated in order that they can be evaluated and reviewed. This can be the longest part of the process as insurance companies and other providers have varying response times to requests for information.

Once all details have been received the process of evaluation and review commences and culminates in a comprehensive report which is the subject of the third meeting.

This meeting delivers the results of all of the analysis undertaken, highlights any issues or implications and presents my outline recommendations. We will review how this fits in with your goals and objectives and current and future circumstances. This process often uncovers issues and areas that may be improved upon. When this is the case my report will make further recommendations to improve your overall situation and the steps that may be taken to move forward towards your objectives and goals.

This may be the end of our journey. With the report paid for you would be at liberty to approach any independent financial planner to implement the recommendations on your behalf. However we would hope that by engaging our services thus far you would allow us to complete the process and implement the recommendations and capture them in a Financial Plan that we will review on an annual basis.

Following this meeting the paperwork associated with implementing the recommendations from the report if a new contract or changes to an existing one are required will be sent to you. If this is the case then a traditional suitability letter to confirm product details and risks may be issued if not already recorded in your full report.

Once the initial planning and recommendations have been implemented then your Financial Plan will be compiled to form the basis of the ongoing relationship between you as the client and us as the adviser. This document will form the basis of the next review meeting which will be due annually but may be revisited sooner if your circumstances change.

Please email or call Alison (07496 689 309) or Adrian (07725 343 815) for a no obligation review of your circumstances.