Your Pension

‘Retirement’ the longest holiday you will ever need to pay for…..

It is the biggest financial decision that most of us will make to stop working and live off of funds that we have saved throughout our working lives.

It is an area where advice is imperative as many decisions are one off and you cannot go back and change them later. The consequences of getting it wrong will be felt for the remainder of our lives. Sadly there is often no time to make up for a bad financial decision and the concept of working for the rest of our lives (not on your own terms) is a tough one, often hampered as well by declining health.

Approaching and planning retirement is therefore a very stressful time and one where many people struggle.

How can we help?

Bespoke retirement planning is a major part of our roles as financial planners and we offer this as a service

Adrian James is a pensions and retirement specialist including pension transfers (see profile).

Please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

Please email or call Alison (07496 689 309) or Adrian (07725 343 815) for a no obligation review of your circumstances.

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